38 weeks 4 days appointment.


Well that didnt go anywhere near as I had planned. I thought I would just ask my doctor for a check and sweep and be on my way. NOPE! I hadn't felt baby move all morning so I decided I should probably say something. So then she tells me she doesn't want to do the sweep if baby is in any kind of distress. So then she measures my fundal height, I'm measuring 2 weeks smaller than I have been. So now she wants to do an ultrasound to check my fluid levels. That's at 11 today. Then they take me to do a NST, mind you, this is my first time ever getting one of these and I'm on baby #2. She didnt move at all for the first 45 minutes of it. The nurse brings me some cold apple juice and baby girl must've loved it, cuz she woke right up. Not even my coffee woke her up this morning. So then she tells me baby is doing great and I'm good to go and come back for my ultrasound.

I'm disappointed I said anything at all about her not moving. I was planning on getting a sweep and drinking the midwives brew right after. But I guess I'll just have to put that off till next week, if she hasn't made her appearance yet. We shall see.