Did you get the mustard for your pancakes? -pregnancy brain


So this morning my fiancé and I went out to get breakfast and got it to go...

He ordered pancakes with sausage and of course some syrup....

*looking through the bag to make sure everything is correct inside*

“Babe, you didn’t get the mustard”

What are you talking about?

“You literally just said you need mustard!”

Wtf who eats mustard on pancakes?

“OMG WOULD YOU STOP MESSING AROUND! that’s literally what you said”

*going back and fourth about mustard still*

Sophia..listen to what your saying. Mustard?

“.....wait. What? No. I meant mustard....I MEAN SYRUP”

Lately I’ve had the worst pregnancy brain ever. I cannot think straight. I sound stupid 24/7!!!