Depo Provera BC & now TTC

Simmy • いらっしゃい!Aloha!

I know everyone says it's takes 9 mos to 1 year after to concieve after being on the Depo shot; it hasn't been a full 9 mos or a year but I'm already late on my period.

I'm testing tomorrow morning but my question for other depo users is this:

If I get my BFP is my pregnancy less likely than others to be successful?

I have no menstrual symptoms and I've been really careful during activities around my stomach and uterus area just in case (because I'm paranoid). I know about false positives and negatives but I'm more scared that something could be wrong with a true pregnancy that would cause me to miscarry.

Success post or not, I'd appreciate being able to hear from all that have used Depo and TTC. *Baby dust* 🧚✨❇️

Thanks ladies!