Give me some hope 😭

KAY • 💙mom of 2 & 1 angel baby 💛

Tell me my calculations are wrong or there is atleast SOME hope cause I’m a mess over here.

2nd pregnancy, 2nd time I’ve been told I would miscarry. (First baby was fine and is 5 years old today!)

Note: I have a retroverted uterus so they have a hard time doing ultrasounds and this internal “felt” different. (Didn’t go to the same spots they normally do- I get cysts so I’ve had millions of internals)

Okay so last period was Jan 24

Took femara cd3-7

Strong positive LH feb 9 and cramps the 10th & 11th

Feb 20 got a positive pregnancy test

Feb 21 hcg 20

Feb 23 hcg 76

Every pregnancy symptom under the sun

March 19 hcg 13,839

March 21 ultrasound showed empty gestational sac

March 22 hcg 18,559

Blood work tomorrow and ultrasound on the 28th

My hcg isn’t doubling but it’s rising and I’m curious how that happens with an empty gestational sac since the yolk sac/ placenta is what gives off the hcg hormone.

I’ve heard of this happening with women and they had healthy pregnancies. I’m just so worried and heart broken.

Please give me hope!!!


I’ve heard more then enough negative endings. PLEASE only give me some positive hope.