Not looking for crude comments or bullies:

Okay, I used opks on CD 11 through CD 14 1-2xs each day. Halfway ovulation levels were slowly rising but i didnt hit my peak, not even close, & then the 2nd line was hardly visible so we assumed I most likely just missed ovulation just barely, my cervix was high, firm, & closed.

Fast forward to Friday(CD 18) through today(CD 20):

Friday started with slight cramps, increase of CM, very very VERY high sex drive, & the texture of my CM was more watery then before, but not completely. Saturday symptoms remain & still do today. We ended up having sex early yesterday morning(3-4am) & in the middle of our session, my wife points out how open my cervix was. She said shes never felt it like that before, even with TTC. "Open" as in OMG OPEN, lol as well as it being really soft, so we decided to inseminate asap. My CM/discharge was/is still heavy & is slowly thickening up now. My question is, if I did "hypothetically", ovulate yesterday(let's say 3-4am for example) & we inseminated exactly 8-9 hours later(at 1pm)(Saturday March 23rd)(CD 19) is there still a chance? Would it hurt to have a final try for this cycle & inseminate again tomorrow? Or are my chances low/too low? I've been using the tracking app Glo for the past 5 months & have been continuously tracking each cycle, with accurate data for the most part. Based off my app & data recorded it says my ovulation day was Friday March 22nd(CD 18).

One thingsfor sure, whether I did ovulate or not, we did inseminate so all I can't do for sure is wait...let's just hope I hit it right on this time! Fingers crossed.