Question about hungry baby milk.


Hello all,

My baby girl had to be combi fed (breast and formula) from a week old as she lost too much weight in that first week and my milk was very slow to come in.

She always had a light formula that was supposedly the best for combining with breastmilk.

Then at 6 weeks old I was taken into hospital for emergency surgery, two days unable to breastfeed. The light formula (and probably combination of me suddenly not being around) meant she struggled to settle and was constantly looking for more.

When I came home a week later we were advised to swap to a hungry baby milk and reintroduce breastfeeding when I could.

The hungry baby milk worked wonders, she was far happier and although we were able to get her back to being partially breastfed, it eased my guilt massively as she seemed more content than beforehand.

Now she’s nearly 6 months and has started solids, she will be due to move onto the next stage milk soon. Do I need to keep her on hungry baby milk or would I be better to put her into a normal milk since she is having solids now as well?

Im going to ask my paediatrician at our next appointment but wanted to hear your experience based views.

(She is now solely bottle fed having weened herself from breastfeeding a few weeks after I returned to work)