My FET has been cancelled-Update


I was suppose to have my FET today, My husband and I drove an hour and half to just have my Dr to tell me that they have to cancel. The reason is the embryos needed one more day to develop, they hadn’t reached the stage they wanted them to be. So they canceled the FET, told me to stop all meds and I will get a call tomorrow from the office to tell me what’s next. They will observe the embryos today and if they progress the good ones will be frozen and they will start me on a thaw cycle, which means I won’t have. FET for like another month, If they don’t will progress, I will have to pick a new donor all over again. Has this happened to anyone? I know FET gets canceled due to lining or progesterone levels, but never heard of from embryo development. Really still can’t believe this is happening.

Update- Ok so after another month gone by, ladies here I go again! Wednesday the 24th is my scheduled FET! Finally! We ended up with 3 embryos that were frozen so we will be transferring one. I hope this works! Any advice for first time FET!? Thanks 😊