I just wanna give up

My husband treats me more of maid and cook then a wife he was never like this until we moved in our apartment almost 4 yrs he use to always help me cook clean dishes and fold laundry put dirty clothes in basket etc and I didnt even have to ask him he just helped me we always spend so time time together and even played games together but now I hate it

Week or 2weeks ago he finally admitted that he treams me like maid not wife I even told so many times that he does it and never believe me I purposely leave the filled trash full for 2 or 3 days he wont touch it theres been times where he said he will do it after work but doesnt the next day I'll just do it then he gets upset cus I did it I and it's the same with laundry mine has to be cold water and his hot water cus of his job he has dirty clothes all over the place and very little in the basket I tell him all the time if it's not in basket it's not getting clean I did this laundry on his days off so he can pick it up but nope to busy playing games I always give him 5 hours to pick them up if not I'll do whatever was in the basket when he found out that I did that once again he gets upset for not giving him time so basically little over year ago stopped doing his clothes I'll only do small loads so he at least has clean underwear and socks so now he will do clean them usually it happens around 6 or 7pm he starts around 1030 to 11pm I'll put it in the dryer so he has dry clothes once again gets upset for not giving him time he tells me all the time that I dont give him time how is this not enough time water only takes 60 to 70 mins doesnt even say thanks or anything for helping him I'm just making sure he as dry clothes so far he been to work with wet clothes 2 or 4 times I was sick so I didnt do it thankfuly it was summer so he didnt have to worry about it I'm just being thoughtful so that doesnt happen specially during the last fall to early mid spring since its cold at 6am (he works outside dont need him to get sick)

Tomorrow we have people coming over for inspection making sure the place is ok not damaged etc he knows about this and I told him he better clean up after himself so this morning he couldn't find any clothes 3 baskets were filling with his clean clothes just some how he couldnt find anything so that room mess with his clean clothes all over the floor (theres futon frame in that room with sheet over it so he could put it there the mattress in the car cus we were testing it out since we might go camping this year in the jeep) so now I cant clean that room

Yes i know I'm probably horrible wife but hes lazy ass but he wont admit trash all over his computer and his side of the bed and I'm the one how gets stocked cleaning it up for the last 3yrs I'm sick and tired of being his maid he said he will change since he finally admitted that hea treats me like that but I honestly dont think it will change he works close to 40hrs week and if I'm lucky we spent 5 to 6hrs together a week while we eat dinner thats it theres no personal time with him the rest of time hes playing games with his friends there is nothing in his town so for entertainment everything's 90mins away or more and the only time we go out to have fun is basically only 3 times a year our bdays and anniversaries that's it just want my fun helpful thoughtful husband back not this one he changed so much since we have our own place