He finally asked!!! 🥰🥰

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I couldn’t have been happier with the way this went down!!! So I work in a nursing home as a cna and I love my job and love the people I work with and have grown such great work friendships! I only work weekends and so ever since last Friday my now fiancé, kept telling me he had a surprise for me Sunday (yesterday) I was completely oblivious! So all day he said he wasn’t going to be able to bring me lunch like he usually does, due to him being busy with my surprise! Well 3:40 rolls around and the nurse was like hey we need to get residents to the dining room by 4:15, kitchen people want to leave early, I start asking all these questions everyone is like just come on lets do it. So I do. Well a call light goes off I go assist this resident well as I’m in with this resident I hear someone in the hall calling for me so I pop out the door and it’s our activities coordinator, she tells me I have a phone call, so I ask her to get someone to come finish assisting the resident. I get to the phone and it’s our director of nursing, starts telling me she is doing an investigation on my hall and what not and I start freaking out thinking I’m in so much trouble even though I have done nothing wrong! I finish our conversation and the nurse comes over to me with this very worried look on her face and says she needs me to come with her to the dining room. I go with her and there in the back of the dining room in front of the windows is my fiancé! I look around and there is all the staff, all the residents that wanted to be there, and then I see my mom and dad and my now soon to be mother in law! I start crying walking over to him and he gets down on his knee and asks the question!! This man planned this for a month without me knowing! He did an amazing job with the help of my awesome coworkers!!