Am I too harsh?

When I’m talking to a new guy on tinder or bumble or whatever it may be, if I see any sign of him being perverted or gross I automatically unmatch or delete them.

For example I was talking to a guy who’s last name was Gray, so I said “hey Mr. Gray” and he said “I can teach you a thing or two 😉” (referring to 50 shades). I told him it was an innocent Mr. Gray then he said “I just went with it” and I said “right haha” then he randomly sent me a picture in his underwear and I said “uh oh” and he said “what” and I said “he’s a fuck boy” and he said “no a fuck boy would’ve sent a dick pic” lol what???

But anyway I deleted him. Usually I’ll delete them for even less than that like even sexual innuendos or light flirting referring to sex. I just don’t like it. And they act like I’m overreacting or say they’re just firting. Am I overreacting or am I dodging a bullet?

And it goes without saying I’m not looking for a hook up on there so I don’t want to lead them on