HELP Clumps in old blood???

Sorry for the picture, just kindve confused.

I have an irregular period, So typically it lasts anywhere from 3-5 days. the last couple of days are usually the days where it’s just old (brown) blood.

Last month and this month when I had my period, this was happening on day 5 & 6 which is unusual. I know some will say it’s just uterine lining but it’s never been like this before? It’s usually just blood, no clumps. If you can see the itty bitty specs. This has been two periods in a row where I spot old blood with little tiny bits in it. Idk just think it’s odd? Is it just uterine lining? My period has been normal, it’s just the last days where I spot brown blood there has been these little specs.

Thanks in advance!

Btw this is day 6 so my period should be over, so blood is veryyy faint.