I’m confused


This may be TMI... but I’m genuinely curious what you guys think. Me and my hubs have been TTC for ten months. We found out about four months in that I have PCOS. We began using ovulation tests and what not and I do ovulate on my own which is amazing m. It’s just irregular. I believe that I ovulated two weeks ago (I say I believe because somehow every store in town was out of ovulation tests. For days. I looked in two different cities in five different stores. It was ridiculous) because my LH level was rising, and when I finally started testing again, it was low again. And remained that way. 5 days ago. I started spotting, but my period ever came. I spotted on and off for three days. There was a slight increase in bleeding after intimacy, and nothing since. I took a test on the third day of spotting and it was negative. Should I test again? Or just start ovulation tests again?