Shallow latch randomly?!


So at the start my little man was a breastfeeding champ- every nurse in the hospital was impressed and he had a perfect latch. Then at about 2 1/2-3 weeks he started slipping on the boob and just suckling at my nipple, but clamped so hard it’s difficult to re-latch him.

I’m exhausted during the night so I just let it be and didn’t think much of it at other times because occasionally he would latch right again but then my nipples starting hurting like crazy (when they were finally feeling back to normal). They look like slanted pointy lipstick when he’s done too.

Any reason this would happen?? He went through a growth spurt but why would that cause this? Wouldn’t his mouth get bigger..?

He was checked for ties when a lactation consultant saw him at about 2 weeks and she said he was all good. Can they suddenly form later..?

He’s also extremely gassy this past week and cries when trying to poop. His output is normal though, consistent very wet diapers too.

Sometimes he gags when trying to use the paci now (maybe 1/5 of the time it’s given).

Is this all related?!

Mostly.... how do I get him to latch properly again??