He is not 100% satisfied with me...


So my boyfriend said that he is not 100% satisfied with me because of my communication skills. We talked about it before and I thought I changed but he said in some areas I have and in some I have not. He also said that he cannot come to me about things 100%. Because of how I respond. He texted me this on how he feels.

So after he texted me that I was like I don’t want to text about this I would rather talk on the phone.. So later on I changed my mind and I said I want to talk in person face to face. He said “no he does not want to talk face to face because we feels like we talk about this too much and he doesn’t have the will to talk about it anymore and after we talk nothing changes.. so he doesn’t want to waste his time or breath talking about it.” So, “I said I know it bothers you still because you keep bringing it up and things will not get better if we don’t talk about it.” Then he said “Im learning to understand that you are not willing to do things in this relationship and I am not either.” “But, if you’re willing to compromise and we can work it out we can and that’s fine by me.” Then I asked are you truly happy and satisfied with me because I know communication is a big thing and I’m not satisfying you. He said he is not 100% satisfied with me only 92 percent. Then to the happiness question he said “Happiness comes from within and not the partner.” Then I asked him again is he happy with me (because I didn’t feel like playing no games right now 😂). But he said yes. Then I asked am I compromising he said sometimes.. He said he feels like this relationship is progressing but it’s just communication