Transitioning to formula and extra gassy


I’m going back to work in a couple weeks and I won’t have enough time to pump all the milk my baby will need while I’m gone. I don’t want to pump to “stock up” because I need to start having my breasts get used to going longer without expressing milk. I started giving my son 3-4 oz of formula once a day to start this transition. I burp him 1-2x while feeding and after (he burps ALOT). It seems like he’s extra gassy immediately and for several hours afterward. He cries in discomfort and his tummy rumbles. Sometimes his gas wakes him up from a nap. I’m using an anti-colic bottle and I’m stirring the formula vs shaking. I also let it sit a bit to release air bubbles. I switched to sensitive formula but don’t see a huge difference. His stools are normal and no allergy signs either.

1. Anyone else experienced this?

2. Any suggestions?

I hate to see my happy boy so uncomfortable!