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Khalisah • 🇯🇲🇬🇧 32, Wife...🌈 👶🏽 12th April 2019

I’m not a May mummy anymore 😩

Getting induced Friday at 37 weeks due to suspected placenta ageing

I wanted her to be a May baby so bad 😂

Enjoy the rest of your pregnancies ladies...not long to go!


So...I have Gestational Diabetes- which is already a placental issue, your placenta is messing up your insulin production.

So obviously your goal is to watch your carb intake and pretty much eliminate your sugar intake and check your blood to make sure you’re in range. At about 32-36 weeks when baby is going on raging growth spurts, the flood of hormones makes your placenta more crappy at insulin stuffs. So women get high blood glucose readings on things they were eating just the week before. I for some unknown reason during these weeks, am now having to eat half a plate of rice (as opposed to the 1 fist portion recommended) or two sandwiches instead of 1 just to get my glucose in the healthy range. If I eat what they suggest, my sugar is below safe.

So they suspect my placenta is ageing or I have placental deficiency because I shouldn’t be less insulin resistant. They can’t see this on a scan and said often it’s after a still birth that they find out from autopsy on the placenta. I just think it’s the 3 litres of water a day I’m drinking flushing my blood and kidneys clean but won’t be taking any chances to prove I’m right. She’s kicking up a storm to let me know she’s ok though 🥰