Placenta Previa Tear


As I lay helpless in the hospital crying like a baby, overthinking everything, and that I caused this problem. I am 28 weeks stuck here until baby is born. I've been bleeding since yesterday from a tear in my placenta, with unknown cause. My placents decided to cover my cervix, so now I am high risk amd patiently waiting for a c section. My June 28th baby will likely be an april baby. Each day I continue to be pregnant is 3 less days of baby being in the NICU. I've had magnesium to slow contractions down and steriod shots to help develop babies lungs. I am scared to death to have a preemie or go through this at all. I hope if any of you develop any type of bleeding even spotting, go get checked immediately. You never know when your world will be turned upside down!