Hello Sebastian 🥰


Hubby and I welcomed our second baby (first son) into the big wide world yesterday (06/04).

It was a scary quick labour/delivery...

My contractions started at 4:30am... drove to the hospital at 7:30am... then he made his arrival at 10:04am.

Natural delivery. Had the gas. Contractions were in my back, which suckeddddd. So, I had him bent over the bed... which was an experience!

He measured 51cm in length, and he weighed in at a chunky 4130g.

First night (and fingers crossed the only night) in the hospital has been all about cluster feeding and crying. I am truly exhausted. I’ve had about two hours of sleep—10pm until 12am, and I’ve been awake since... it’s now 7am.

BUT. I’m over the moon that he has finally arrived. 💜