I’m impressed by my friend

She is just doing so good and yes I told her and just went on and on about how I’m so proud.

She’s raising a child by herself with no financial help from the dad who barely has anything to do with their kid. She has nobody but herself and she just moved into a house. We are only in our early 20s and she has just really blown me away. That baby has her own fully decorated room and a whole back yard to play in and it’s really nice and I’m just like man I am so fucking proud of you taking care of this baby just fine and taking care of yourself you boss ass bitch. I just wanted to tell someone else. All I have done thus far at my age is stress about bills and cry and I have no idea what I’m doing but this girl has her own house and a child she’s raising BY HERSELF. Nobody helped her she is self made and doesn’t even realize and I’m just like.. you are goals, you freaking bad ass.

I am so fucking PROUD of her.

Her baby daddy was a friend of mine in high school and I’ve been so mad at him since he just abandoned his own baby. I actually became her friend because I saw him living his damn life on social media while hers was all about their kid and i messaged her like does he even have anything to do with his kid? Like I’m personally mad at him and I don’t think these shit head absent baby daddies even know the half of the ass busting these single moms do to take care of their kids by themselves and I just want to rub it in his face.