forced in a relationship?

me and my boyfriend have been dating for almost a year and a half and im pregnant and just having a bad night tonight. i was crying and upset (i don’t even know why) and just wanted alone time for a little while. well he got out of bed and said “im tired of this shit fuck you bitch” and took all his things and left. idk why this fight even started, but know why it ended. earlier i was extremely annoyed and just wanted time to myself and asked him to go home for once. he left for a couple hours and came back, he said he went to some of his friends house who i absolutely hate and he knows i don’t want him around them. all they do is drink literally all day and smoke and i hate him being around that. well i got even more upset about that and had a little fit i guess is what you call it. i also HAD a couple friends like that and i said “well then ima just go to the bar sarah and her friends are at and spend time with them again” and he got mad got up and that’s when he called me a bitch and said fuck you. it’s 10:23 at night and usually im scared to be home alone and sleep alone because im just scared in general and he knows that. i leave my bedroom door open with the bathroom light on so it helps. well when he left he closed my bedroom door and turned off the bathroom light and im literally just screaming my lungs out terrified and i know for a fact he heard me and left me scream terrified and crying for like two minutes before he opened the door and let the light back on. and he left me. i want to just leave him and raise this baby alone and never have to see him again.. but every time i try to end things he refuses and continues to force me in this relationship. this time i really want out. i can’t take it anymore. he’s never said anything like that to me before and it hurts so much. how could he leave the girl he “loves” pregnant and screaming and crying.. i know i kind of asked for it but i still fill this way. i know he’ll try to come back tomorrow and act like everything is fine. but when i tell him it’s over he’s going to force me to stay with him once again. i can’t call the cops or anything because i don’t want him to lose the really good job he has to support his baby. am i overreacting?