Getting too attached

Bri • Married and mother to babygirl💓

So before i had a baby i used to tell my sister that she had to get out more because she has 4 kids and never really goes out ever . Fast forward to now and i have an almost 9 month old . I thought as she got older it’d get easier to leave her but nope ! Before i started working i was a sahm so i used to jump at the thought of a girls night out . Now that I’m working part time i don’t wanna leave my daughter ofher than for work . If the plans don’t include her i won’t go. I’m with her every minute of the day other than when I’m at work . Am i getting too attached ? People tell me i need mommy time and to do date night ( I’m married ) but my daughter has such a personality already that she’s really just my best friend 🤷🏾‍♀️