It’s a long story but I’ll shorten it up!

I have 2 boys which aren’t my husbands! I should be a mom of 5 but due to the abuse my boys biological did to me I chose back then to abort 3 babies (post my boys). I still regret it but I couldn’t do it with how bad of a situation I was in and was too scared to leave.

So knowing I conceived 5 times, my husband and I thought we’d have him checked out first since I haven’t gotten pregnant yet. He had blood work done, all was good. Then a semen analysis. It showed high white blood cells in his semen to where they can’t even get a reading on his semen. Another semen analysis was done. Same thing. No pain down there for hubby. Dr wouldn’t give him antibiotics. So then he ordered a blood test to see if he had klinefelder syndrome where his chromosomes are different. That was negative. Then he decides to check his hormone levels. That showed up with high FSH, LH and semi low testosterone. But the Dr didn’t seem to be worried about that. He ordered a ultrasound. Ultrasound shows a small spot .4x.5cm that may be neoplasm but he needs to see a urologist. So he put in the referral but then we switched to a new Dr cause we didn’t feel like this Dr was doing anything and we weren’t getting any answers. The new Dr saw him, reviewed the ultrasound results and all the lab tests he had done. He put in a referral for an urologist but said it could take 6 months to a year to be seen cause of fertility. So he listed it not as fertility hoping it will go through faster. But this Dr was concerned of his high FSH, and LH so he’s having my hubby do blood work again.

I’m just so frustrated at why we can’t get a reason for all this and told what’s going on and fix it or at least know it’s not fixable! Can anyone help with their experience?