A little help over here please ladies

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Ok, so I've been ill with a very bad cold since last Monday and have a little bit of it left over now. AF was supposed to arrive yesterday and is still not showing any signs of coming. I've already taken one pregnancy test which was BFN. This morning I've woken up feeling hot, sweaty, dizzy, nauseous, vagjayjay feeling a little weird (don't know how to describe it) I don't want to take another test just yet as I only have one left and here in Spain everything is closed on a Sunday so can't go get another till tomorrow and I'm not driving all the way to Gibraltar, I'm way too lazy πŸ˜‚. When do you think I should test again? Should I just wait till tomorrow? And retake or wait even longer? Im having no AF symptoms other than a few spots here and there but that happens to me at any point in my cycle, just a few more before period