Send positive vibes to our momma pony.


Not too long ago I posted about wrylee our little baby pony that was born with a wry nose that I talked my “step dad” into not putting her down by coming up with evidence that her condition is not genetic. Wry nose is..basically a crooked face. A little update on that-she is doing so well and has a fearless personality, healthy as can be. She has recently started to venture off without her mom all brave and such. But if she makes a peep you bet that momma comes running. Here is a picture. I haven’t gotten a recent picture but if you guys want one I will get one tomorrow. As the vet said, it has straightened itself out a little as she’s grown and it may correct itself over time. It’s theorized to be caused by running out of room in the womb.

Anyways, her momma was attacked by a dog and her leg is infected. It was treated but got infected anyways and had to be drained today and was very painful for her, poor baby. she’s on some really strong antibiotics. We are doing basically every thing we can do for her. Send pos vibes to momma pony. We love our animals they are all our babies.

Right now we just have to try and keep it clean and patch it up the best we can and continue the antibiotic shots twice a day.

But I am so worried :(

You guys really love seeing these animals so I thought I would share. I will update you on what happens to momma pony. She is still nursing the baby.