Raspberry leaf tea and clary sage oil! Yes or no?!


So I've read up the pros and cons of raspberry leaf tablets. My midwife has told me it's safe to take them to help the process of labour. I'm currently taking 4 750mg tablets a day. 2 on a morning and 2 on a night. I'm currently 36 2 am I right in thinking I can up the dose to 6 tablets a day? What's your experience? Did it work for you? My last 2 pregnancies I never used it as I was only 18 my first baby and didnt have a clue but my second I got induced early due to intermittent bleeding. I've read up on the benefits of taking raspberry leaf as it can help shrink uterus down a bit quicker after labour, lessens after pains and helps slow down bleeding too. Is this true? Am I wasting my time and money?

Also my midwife has said I can start using clary sage oil in my bath and introduce it to my bump after 38 weeks. How many drops do you use in the bath for it to be effective but safe and what carrier oil do I mix it with when it comes to rubbing it on my bump?

Any advice would be appreciated as I wouldnt want to hurt my boy or put him in any type of distress. Also this is not a dead cert that I'm going to use clary sage oil just want to see different views on before I decide anything.