Crazy nesting 🤪


I’m 36 weeks and nesting like an insane person. We had our baby shower last Sunday and I’ve washed and assembled everything. Which I know is normal but as far as putting things away 🙄 I can’t stop reorganizing. I’ve reorganized the dresser 3 times I can’t decide what to keep in the top drawers I not even happy with the way things are folded I’ve changed my folding method a few times. I’ve done the same with my storage cart fist it was a nursing/pumping cart, then I made it a mobile changing station. Now I’ve overhauled it and put a little of everything in there but I can’t decide what’s important enough to put on the top 🤦🏻‍♀️. And my kitchen is suffering too I’ve changed my mind on the bottle cabinet after fully stocking it because I didn’t want to have to use the top shelf and now I’m sitting in my kitchen looking at thinking why the f*ck did I randomly put the bottles in the middle of the kitchen it makes no sense. I think I need an intervention 😫