How to chose the perfect college?


Hey ladies!

So I got all my college decisions and have narrowed it down to two. But I am so torn with what college to chose... Both schools are amazing and have their own personal identities that I fell in love with. They are basically opposites when it comes to location, area of study, and atmosphere (but I love both and don’t favor one over the other) I tried to do a pros a cons list to see if that would sway me, but nothing.

To give more background: One school is in Scotland (I live in the US) and it’s gorgeous. It’s to study criminal law and would be a beyond awesome opportunity. I already know I love the city it’s in and it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity. School #2 is in Boston to study publishing and literature (I am passionate about both Criminal law and publishing) and has so many connections and internship possibilities. I’ve also always dreamed of living on the east coast and in a big city... Any tips on how to chose what college to dedicate yourself to?