so my boyfriend is currently in the ER and i was not allowed to go with him. Let me preface boyfriend and I are both 21, in college, and have been together for 2 years. i go to school far from any of my family so our weekends are spent at his mom’s. to say i have bent over backwards to get her to just treat me with decent human respect has been beyond hard. from getting her flowers on mother’s day and taking her to brunch. to cleaning her ENTIRE home on weekends including dishes, laundry, vacuuming, cleaning windows, toilets, etc. i mean i have tried so hard to show i want nothing more than a good relationship with her.

for some reason she looks at me like i’m the other woman in terms of my boyfriend. it’s created many issues. my boyfriend has tried to stand up for me but she literally treats me like i’m getting in the way.

i stopped coming for about a month at one point because she trash talked about me to my boyfriend for NO reason. she finally apologized after an entire month.

i thought it had gotten better but guess not. yesterday out of nowhere my boyfriends left side of his face just like froze and his right side got super droopy but was still functional. i got incredibly concerned and insisted we go to the doctor but she said he needed to wait a day to see if it got better. it didn’t and this morning he said he wanted to go to an urgent care clinic and wanted us to both go. he took our dog out to go to the bathroom before we left and when he was out she said “so you’re staying here with the dog right?” and i said “no? he said he wants me to go too?” and she didn’t say anything but went to the porch to smoke a cigarette.

wow was the car ride awkward. i could tell i was not wanted there. we get to the urgent care and they say he needs to go to the ER because they are very limited with what they can do.

we get in the car and she just says “i’m dropping you off at the house to stay with the dog. i don’t know how long the ER will take. i’ll let you know if we need you”

y’all. i was fuming. i still am.

she is now saying she’s about to just leave because she doesn’t want to wait anymore ?????

idek what to do but i’m crying and shaking and sick to my stomach and so angry.

update on his condition: he was diagnosed with bell’s palsy. waiting for him to get home to know more details but it won’t be permanent