Getting a tattoo on Tuesday!

Hi ladies! I am getting a relatively large tattoo this week! It isn't my first tattoo. My first tattoo was super tiny and on my wrist.

This one is huge in comparison. It's a vintage watch and script surrounded by a dozen realism roses. It's going from under my bra strap, down my ribs, all the way down to my my hip and a little past that. Has anyone ever gotten a huge tattoo basically from your ribs and down?

How do I prepare for that? My artist just said make sure you have a good breakfast, no booze, and bring lots of water and snacks like granola type thing. But he didn't tell me what to do to prep my skin....

I shower in the morning. Should i not use lotion afterwards? And what do I wear?? I don't want to be butt naked. Is it ok to just wear a bra and underwear (a thong so he can get to my hips)? Or should I wear a tank top and underwear? Should I just tape my nipples and go braless?? What do you wear when getting such a big tattoo?! Advice please!!!!!!!!!!!!