HELP ME understand these anatomy results

So I had my scan on Wednesday and was told I needed to come back in for another scan because they couldnt get a good look at a few things.

Well this morning I woke up to test results on an app my provider uses. And it has scared the crap out me and I've been stressing all day.

At the bottom is tells you all the things that look normal/perfect and then another list of things that were "suboptimal". The "bad" list was longer than the good list, and while I'm sitting there crying to my mom and sister they ate basically telling me to stop being a baby because it could just mean they couldn't get a good look at those things. But my scan was over an hour long.

Has this happened to anyone else and everything was okay?

I'm going to list all of the "suboptimal" things, but some of them were abbreviated and idk what they stand for:

Lateral Vent (right)

Post Fossa




Lower Extremities (feet)

Placenta (low lying within 1.52 cm of cervix)

PLACENTAL cord Insertion

Cavum Septum



Aortic Arch

I'm so terrified because at least 3 of these are heart related.

Please help me understand, because I cant call my doctor until Tuesday when she gets back.