Finally after 5 years!!


It’s a long story and one I never thought I would be able to tell. I’ve been hoping and waiting so long for something like this and I hope you can enjoy my story 😊

When I was 13 I met my friends cousin who was 17 at the time. This was around 2014 and he was living at my friends house because both of his parents died and his other aunt kicked him out. I had a tiny crush on him but I kept it myself because he was 4 years older than me which was weird at the time. I used to look at him kinda like a celebrity crush because he was older and hot 😂. He low key seemed to like me back then though because one night he asked if I wanted to “date for the night” so I could say I was with a boy lmao. Not sure if that was creepy or weird considering our age back then but I was secretly head over heels and all he wanted to do was watch a movie with me. I didn’t say anything back because my best friend was there and it would have been weird. We never told each other how we felt and we never did anything sexual and he never tried. My friend and her brother always teased him to stop looking at me and I always remember blushing. He was only there for a few months and after that I only saw him a couple times a year. Fast forward to three years later when i was 16 I decided to randomly Snapchat him just to say hi and ask how he was doing and part of his response was “when you’re 18 I’ll take you out” I responded with cool two more years 😂 it’s been two years and he kept his word. A couple months ago he picked me up and we went on a date to get sushi. Afterwards we went to his place and we watched part of a movie and made out the rest of it. We’ve hung out more and gotten to know each other better and and few weeks ago I went to his place and we made a fire in his backyard and we made out went back inside and we had the best sex I’ve ever had. We hung out a few days ago and I was dying to know how he felt so I messaged him and he told me that he likes me a lot and we’ll see what happens after we spend more time together. We’ve both gone through relationships with other people through those years but I think we’ve both had feelings deep down for a while and I’m so happy things are finally happening between us.

I’ll update you guys if he decides to make things official between us and if you read all of this then ty sm because I’ve been dying to share and I don’t have many people to talk about it with. Tell me what you think of all this in the comments :)


We spent sometime together today and he randomly decided to take me on a date and afterwards he asked me if we could make things official between us and of course I said yes!!! I’m so happy he’s finally my boyfriend 😊