Toddler dealing with death of pet


About a month ago I had to help my first fur baby, our cat named Moxley, cross the rainbow bridge. She became suddenly ill and had liver failure... her health deteriorated quickly and we tried to help with surgery and a feeding tube, but ultimately she was not getting better.

We took the honestly approach with our 2.5 year old, who is very attached to our pets. I told her that Moxley was going to go to the vet with me and would not come back. I told her that she was very sick and was going to die, which meant she could not come home.

I understand it’s morbid, but I didn’t want to do the “farm in the country” thing and have her wonder why we sent her kitty away.

My little girl has been asking about Moxley ever since... asking when we can go get her. Saying “Moxley is very sick mommy” or pointing out things that used to be Moxleys.

It is clear she is struggling with it, and we do our best to explain in her terms what happened to her kitty (obviously I don’t tell her that the doctor did it or that i was there)

Had anyone else felt with this with their toddlers? Do you have any books or suggestions for how to help her cope with the grief of losing her kitty? Today she said “I miss Moxley mommy, I want to go get her today” and it nearly broke my heart.

Anything is helpful, thank you.