why tf do i miss him :/

so i recently went through a breakup with a guy who i’ll call “ D”. well i don’t care about D anymore. however my ex from my previous relationship, i really miss rn. i’m gonna call the ex i miss “ P”. so P and i started dating around this time last year and we dated until the middle of july. he was a really great boyfriend and a few of my firsts. well fast forward a few months , P and i are still talking sometimes, P is checking up on me, hanging out at school functions. when we’d hangout he’d be all over me to like the point where people asked if we were back together. so he asked if i wanted to have sex multiple times i (said sure but nothing happened) during that time we were talking still. we eventually stopped talking since he got in trouble and had to delete snap chat. he has a girlfriend now but so far i’ve been his longest relationship. everyone says that when we go to the same school next year they can see us getting back together but i feel like they’re just saying that. i just miss talking to him and i wouldn’t wanna cause problems between him and his new girlfriend so i’m not gonna do anything. but i just really miss him and wanna talk to him.