Iffy about no sex **UPDATE**

For those of you saying I don’t trust him, I never said I don’t trust him. I just find it weird that with my other two pregnancies we had sex up until I gave birth. And now with the third nope. If I didn’t trust him I wouldn’t be with him.

All you ladies always jump to the if you don’t trust shit and it fucking annoying.

At Mariah

He was the one who had initiated it the three times, but I did do other stuff for him between those times that I had initiated.

An this is baby number three with him, and he never acted like this during my other two pregnancies.

An he said that he finds me more attractive when I’m pregnant, I guess because of the pregnancy glow lol.

He didn’t say I’m not attractive when I’m not pregnant we obviously have three kids together.

Idk it just seems odd to me that he never acted like this before and now this.

Thank you though for your comments.

If throughout your pregnancy you and your BF/husband only had sex a few times like maybe three times would you think he’s cheating on you? An then you can’t have sex for two months after you give birth because you hemorrhaged pretty bad and have to have clots cut out of you after you got that shot to stop the bleeding. And when you tell him that you have to wait another 4 weeks to have sex after your 6 week postpartum visit what would you really honestly think.

Thats a year with only having sex with your BF/husband 3xs.

I’m think there’s cheating going on. It may just be me though.