Ill probably get judged for this

My husband took in a cat about 7-8 months ago. We are already at our max limit at our apartments for animals. He has destroyed and clawed every single piece of furniture. He has clawed my son and scarred him by his eye. He has made it to where we need to replace blinds and will have a pretty good fee when we leave. I didnt want the cat but my husband felt bad because of some sob story someone told him and took him in. Now i say sob story because the cat supposedly needing rehoming due to mother cat dying and not getting along with other animals. He does fine with ours and my husband tried to give the cat to the person he got the cat's from brother. He wouldnt because he said the cat was mean. So basically my husband fell for the story and Ive had to deal with the cat. I am 100% against declawing. I feel horrible for keeping the cat so long and having it bond but me being me feels bad about bringing animals to shelters. I felt like we should just try to make it work and not have him bounce home to home. Well i feel done. I am half way through my pregnancy and my husband works long hours and sleeps the other part. He barely has time to change the litter so i find myself doing it even though im very high risk this pregnancy for multiple reasons and was told in general for pregnant women to not change litter. But i feel like i have to because i dont want him to potty in filth but a clean box. So would it be wrong to just surrender him to a no kill shelter?

Update: i have spent the last few months trying to find people i know or would trust to give him a decent home. My absolute last resort is a shelter. The cat does have a lot of good qualities just isnt working with my family. The cat is very nice and does get along with our other animals. I however just cant do it anymore especially the clawing of not only my stuff but my child and that makes me worried about the baby. I will obviously try to get the cat a home with older children( he claws at mine and i mean claws extended not playfully when my son runs which he does a lot of).