Help!? Bloody show?


Had a sweep at 37 weeks (intermittent bleeding was the reason I agreed to sweep so early, that and the fact he weighs approx 7lb already) 12th April, midwife said my cervix was favourable and I was already 2cm dilated, lost some dark brown discharge all day and the next day. On the Sunday morning 14th I woke up to totally different pains and rang advice line, they told me to go get checked as I have group b strep and my last labour progressed rather quickly so they wanted enough time to start antibiotics if it was the beginning of labour. Put me on the monitor, contracting every 3 minutes but not strong contractions to keep me in hospital. So she performed another sweep said my cervix is 1cm long, she could stretch me to 3cm and said she could feel babys head. Is what I've lost in that picture my bloody show? And if so how long can it take for labour to start properly? I'm still getting pains every 3 mins they're just not getting stronger. Would love to hear some stories