I’m at my wits end..


I’ve posted here a few other times about my marriage and I seriously don’t see it working out.

Quick catch up:

1) my husband is deployed, I am 36 weeks pregnant, and we have an 18 month old together.

2) I’m not gonna waste your time listing every single thing he’s done these past few months but let’s just say it ain’t good.

Most recently:

So, we just recently got a joint amazon prime account. We both used to have our own regular accounts.

Anyway, I started up a diaper delivery service and all I wanted to do was check my order to see when the first box would get here.

Just below my order I noticed my husband had bought a really pretty coat awhile back. My go to thought was “ok, cool he bought me a new coat but accidentally shipped it to himself “




I then also realized just below that order he bought the same woman a very nice pretty red velvet blanket!!!

That’s not all... when I confronted him about it he literally freaked out on me and started calling me names like “stupid, dense, immature, and insecure “

THEN the bitch he bought them for CALLS ME and just blows up on me saying “you can’t tell me or him what to do, if he wants to talk to me he can and no we’re not gonna stop just because you’re insecure “

Meanwhile my phone is blowing up with just nasty hateful messages from my husband.


He literally didn’t see anything wrong with his actions and just kept turning the argument back on me.

This was the final draw for me.

Y’all have no idea how hard I’ve been trying to be patient with him any times he’s been hateful before.... but this?

He told me to fuck off and get over myself.

Ok buddy... bbyyyyeeeee