Mother in law overstepping?

Brittney • The other half of an old young married couple 💕

So let me be clear... I LOVE my Future MIL. She is a truly fantastic lady and I’m happy to have her in our lives. My fiancé and I are getting married and we wanted a small wedding. Under 100 people is what we had in mind when we picked our venue. My MIL invited over 70 additional people to our wedding without consulting either of us. We honestly do not 5% of the people she has invited. We are completely 100% footing the bill on our way wedding. So I guess my question is what that okay/normal for her to do? I personally am a little miffed because she knew we wanted a small intimate wedding and now it’s almost double what we had planned originally. Am I being a bridezilla for being upset? I want honest opinions; so please tell me if I am! We also just bought our first house so we have A LOT going on atm so idk if she was trying to not stress us out it just felt odd to me. What do you guys think?