first timer


a couple weeks ago i had sex for the first time. i’m 16 and he’s 16, were both sophomores. ofc we used protection. it was odd bc it wasn’t like i expected it was going to be but in a good way, it only hurt for like 5 seconds, he laughed and communicated well and laughed, after he spent the night and kissed me good bye before he left. he was sweet and kept asking if it was okay what he was doing. it wasn’t with a boyfriend but a guy i’ve been friend with since 7th grade. it sounds like a sticky situation i know already. it seems and seemed like he was into me before and after this all happened ( which was what provoked my ideas of hooking up with him prior to having sex ) .if it dose come up and he too wants to be in a some type of relationship (exclusive friends w/ benefits or bc and gf i’m fine with either) any advice, tips, comments, etc. i’ve asked my fiends and i definitely want to figure out thing with the guy before i tell my mom but i wanna have some outside advice.