Help ?!! TMI***

I started my period 2days early.. at first it was pink spotting then it started coming out more but not alot . The next day when i used the restroom the blood became more darker and medium blood came out . So I assumed i was on my period &’ I normally dont use tampons but i chose to use it &’ it felt uncomfortable &’ it hurt so i took it out . After that I started to get small clots they looked weird i never get clots during a normal period so that was weird . Then the bleeding went back to going light. I normally have a period of 7days but i only had a period for 4days . Now its 3weeks later , &’ my nipples are very soar my nipples are never soar before i get a period i never feel anything I normally cramp heavy the first 2-3 days. Of my period &’ my last period i had light cramps but I barely felt cramps . Idk whats going on .