Mia • M O M M Y 💕

Okay, I posted yesterday about my boyfriends gunshot wound on his hand. And right off the bat I wanna just let y’all know he DOES have a specialist appointment today at 2!

My boyfriend got shot on Friday at about 2:45. Yesterday morning we were changing his dressing and we sent a picture to his sister (she’s a nurse) we asked if everything looked okay on it and she told me it looked like it as trying to get infected. Later that evening we re dressed it and it was a little redder. He has had continuous pain, throbbing and burning. He has lost almost off of movement and feeling in his hand. We go today and figure out everything. The hospital we had to use is honestly a joke and if his hand is infected I will be turning them in and hopefully shutting them down since they aren’t a big hospital anyways.

I just don’t wanna go in there today and be shocked if they tell us it’s infected. We have done everything we know to do with it to keep it cleaned up

Top picture is yesterday morning. Bottom is yesterday evening.