Placenta previa. First time mom and just got my 20 week scan results need you ladies

Le at my 20 week scan last week I noticed that my placenta was at the front fine...then they did a transvaginal to get a better look. Something inside of me said you have placenta previa...

Got my results today to the scan the baby is healthy thank god me on the other hand...its placenta heart sinks stomach turns. I have anxiety and depression and this pregnancy happened thru fertility treatments for 9months like why can’t I have an easy pregnancy?!

I’m so scared she’s like we’ll schedule you for an ultrasound at 28 weeks to check it out! But I already had googled all these horrible stories about women bleeding to death going into pre term labour and all this negative stuff.

I need some positive stories of women who have had placenta previa please ladies I don’t wanna go back on meds for the anxiety and this now is gonna make my head spin.

Did anyone’s move by the 28 week scan?

Did you have a vaginal birth?.

I’m terrified of c section maybe cause I read of women hemorrhaging and dying.

She said no sex ugh...I’m so upset literally shaking over here...