Ready for the next baby?

How long are you waiting for the next baby? My partner and I discussed it and he gave me the green light for whenever I want the next one he will give it to me. He wants all of our kids to be very close in age. I’m struggling with figuring out if I want to wait or not. Longest I will wait is a year but I really am scared to conceive another one right now, it seems so soon. A few mommas in the February 2019 group have already conceived again and I’m a little jealous.

I want another baby too but tbh I’m not looking forward to the judgement since I’m so young. 2 under 2 and being 19 will get me a lot of comments. I know we can afford them and handle them but it’s pretty scary. I go in for my 6 week appointment today and will get an IUD or Nexplanon if I want it, but I don’t think I do.. SO CONFUSED.