Gonna lose it!! 🤬🤬


Okay I just need to vent...if one more person tells me to stop buying things for my kid I'm gonna freak! I have spent a total of $50 of my own money on baby clothes for this kid. My MIL and SIL have told me to stop buying things cuz he will get clothes for the shower. Okay well I got him a couple cute outfits that were on sale.

So then today i posted on FB about the 70% off sale at Carters. I literally spent $20 on some sleep sacks (NOT baby clothes!!) And both my step-mom and my own Mom commented and were like "Stop buying him things!"

Omg I literally lost my shit. I commented and said "Okay people this is MY son and I will buy him whatever I want to. I literally got him 2 sleep sacks for $20. If I waste my own money because he never uses them then oh well. 🤷‍♀️"

But seriously. Am I overreacting? I would rather buy him the sleep sacks while they're 70% off then wait tl see if he gets them and have to pay $20 a piece if he doesnt. Not to mention this is my first child and I would like to pick him out some cute outfits as well! Its not like I'm buying stuff off my registry. 🤦‍♀️