4th Degree Tears

KC • Proud Mama to a precious little boy & sweet baby girl, a cute fur baby & an adoring wife to an amazingly supportive husband. Psalm 20:4

Yes, they are a thing! I thought 3rd degree was as bad as it could get. Why don't we talk about these things after delivery?

-because it's terrifying... Let me tell you, you can do it & it's worth it!!! 🥰

Long story:

Went in for an induction (high BP, but not preeclampsia). I was 6 days early, before 40 wks. Cytotec started at 5:45pm. 2nd & 3rd rounds @ 9:45pm & 2:45am. Pitocin also started & then my water broke at 10:30am (on it's own). Contractions got strong within 30 mins. Taken off Pitocin & my body took over. Contractions were too high, even w/o meds. My back labor did not pick up on the normal monitors, but then the internal monitor captured it all. That's when I got "credit." *The contractions showed up over the 100 peak marker & at less than 2 mins apart.* Epidural given at 3:30 pm. Much "better" contractions still at 80, but only felt pressure, which was a sweet relief at almost 22 hours into the induction. My BP became normal and the Epidural helped me to relax more & get the dialation going. I dialated from 4cm to 10cm between 8pm-11:45pm (this is day 2 in the hospital). Usually FTMs dialate a cm an hr. after 4cm. I pushed for 1 hour. (an answered prayer to dialate quickly at over 27 hours in... for a FTM & for only 1hr. to push. I apparently have a narrow pelvis and so our baby boy's broad shoulders got stuck. I got cut... 4th degree severity (thank goodness for that epidural)!!! It actually felt like relief when he could make his way out. 2 out of 4 nurses cringed when it happened & I knew from their faces it would be a long recovery. Our room had dim lights, soft music playing, & a diffuser with peppermint scents to calm the mood. My husband does not like hospitals, but even he felt more at ease, though he did not realize what had happened. My L&D main nurse was a champ and encouraged me throughout it all! I held our beautiful little boy by 1:15am (over two days after starting the induction). Three sets of sutures used, but it was all worth it!!! I love our little one to pieces.

Recovery Tips:

Ice Packs!!!

Cold water/spray bottles

Always discreets (like adult pull ups)

Stool Softeners

Prayer & a positive attitude will help

Along with plenty of REST

***Know that it does get better if you end up with severe tearing!!! ***