Madison • Mommy to Delilah🎀

I am so utterly sad and disappointed. I just left my 20 week ultrasound in tears. I went in expecting it to be a good experience and excited to see my baby at least. The girl doing my ultrasound was really rude and cold and didn’t talk to us at all and when I asked to see my baby she said no. And wouldn’t even let me see her for a second. I sat there having no idea what was going on while everyone else in the room got to see my baby and I didn’t get to see anything. And im just really sad and disappointed with how it went. I thought it was supposed to be a fun and exciting thing and I thought forsure I would get to see my baby even if it was just for a second. And I left feeling sad and confused and just sobbing because of how rude the tech was. I just don’t know what to even do. I have to pay out of pocket now to go get an ultrasound if I even want to see my baby.