Breastfeeding troubles NEED HELP

Sorry for the long post but really Need some help because I’m sooo close to giving up and formula feeding 😩 my 4 week old son is feeding every 30mins - 1hr sometimes 2 hours IF he sleeps that long but usually an hour. It’s not cluster feeding and I’m unsure if it’s just something he does and will continue to do as I know it’s normal and some babies are just frequent feeders or if it has got to do with my supply or him not feeding properly etc. he has plenty of wet and dirty nappies and weight seems fine but I honestly think my supply is low. He fusses so much on my left boob, latches well but really struggles to stay on the left, I’m never engorged anymore when I used to be at the start (he slept through the night 2 nights ago and my boobs still weren’t engorged), I’ve never get a let down at all and he cries on the left boob sometimes and I never hear him drinking the way he does on my right one. When I pump I don’t get much. Today I go 20mls from left yesterday I got 50mls both after he’d fed which I know impacts the amount you get and i also know a pump doesn’t get near as much as a baby does but still, at the beginning I was getting waaaay more. He is so hard to get to sleep and when he finally does he wakes within 30mins - 1hr usually. He very rarely will sleep longer then 2hrs but every time I’ve given him a bottle he’s slept so well. He also takes a decent amount of milk from a bottle AFTER he’s fed on my breast so can someone please help me I’m stuck on what to do. Does it sound like I have a low supply? Does it sound like something else? I’m at my wits end and having a 16month old toddler makes it impossible for me. If he’s going to keep feeding so frequently and sleeping bad but well on a bottle then I’m going to switch because if he’s happier on that then we all will be happier and right now it’s just stressing everyone out. Please any advice would be amazing 😩what age does it start to get easier? I’ve been told 6 weeks but I know every bub is different