Up crying and giving up

So today was hard. Can’t explain it just one of those days, just over it.

I already juked myself by planning my baby shower super late (4/27 & I’m due 5/12). I’ve been the ONLY ONE putting money up for my shower, then a friend I grew up with admitted she wouldn’t have money like that so she was going to provide all the food and even cook most of it for the shower for us. We agreed on this 2 months ago. we went over the menu at my house yesterday which by her standards shrunk incredibly & over 3 of the meals she told me to go buy the stuff for 🤔 my baby shower is NEXT WEEKEND. she sends me a message at 1:30am saying things have come up and she hates to be rude and harsh but she can’t do anything for my baby shower anymore .. I’ve been crying. SO isn’t home. 4 yo DD didn’t want to sleep with me, and I’m over EVERYTHING AT THIS POINT.