Advice- should I stay or should I go?


I'm currently not happy with where I am working at right now. I feel like there isnt room for me to grow anymore. But it has decent benefits, most of my coworkers are great, and it's a very flexible work environment. But I dont see a future for me there. Im young and want a career. I was also promised a lot of things that I never got and am nervous about the direction the company is going. I enjoy what I do, but feel under valued and unappreciated.

I applied for a new job, and was made an offer. I'm not sure if I should take the leap or not. My husband thinks I wont like the new job, but my father thinks I should take it. With this new position I would be working around 60 hrs a week during the spring and summer (busy season) my husband would have to take up a lot more responsibility at home but I could almost double my current salary. I also feel like it wouldn't be easy to have a family with this new position and we would have to find someone to watch our children.

I'm really torn, do I stay and wait and see what happens or take on a new job that will grow my resume and my professional work experience?