nlaw concerns for my newborn


Aside from how annoying my in-laws are to me already, they have been extra irritating since our baby arrived 2 weeks ago.

They came to visit us in the hospital twice and stayed 2+ hours and stayed through other guests' visits. So baby didn't eat that whole time. Looking back i know i should have kicked them out but i didn't want confrontation fresh after birth.

And the first thing my FIL did was kiss baby's face. They have visited us more in the last 2 weeks than they ever did before baby arrived. My husband finds it annoying too b/c they never showed interest in our life prior.

The first weekend home, they came to visit after going to Wal-Mart (germ utopia) I asked them to use some sanitizer before holding him and my FIL stated that he already washed his hands before they left the house... okay, good job but did you use a cart, and handle your keys & money?

The last visit I caught my MIL sticking her fingers in the baby's mouth!

She then stated that he probably has dry skin from all the hand sanitizer I use. That doesn't explain why his back was dry since he's almost always in a onesie. And I only sanitize after diaper changes and before feedings.

It's not just their lack of respect for our baby's developing immune system, but for our time too. They always show up a half hour or more late. So baby starts to nap once they get here or needs to be fed while they're still here. They have finally taken the hint once I mention needing to nurse him and take him to our bedroom but they act like I'm being alittle rude.

They came to our house the evening of my husband's first day back to work after his winter layoff and it delayed us getting into a routine.

We are going to their house for Easter at noon [that way the whole day is spent at their house -_-] and I'm dreading it. I'm not sure how to stand my ground with people washing their hands before holding him not kissing his face or putting their hands in his mouth, and leaving when I'm ready too. Somehow we always get roped into staying way longer than necessary, and I know I'll have to nurse the baby while there atleast once. What should I say or do to establish my authority over my baby's health and time?